luciano masocco


2 Jul | Brewmaster's Diary

02.07.2013 we fill the beer kegs!

Today the first 350 beer kegs of Birra Antoniana are being filled by our filling kegs that seems to respond well to our expectations...
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15 May | Brewmaster's Diary

The first news of 2013

The New Year has come and some progresses have been done, we present today the centrifuge that in a short time ...
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15 May | Brewmaster's Diary

Where are we?

The brew house has finally her beautiful pipes to bring out the steam generated during the boiling of wort, they have just been installed and now they are ready to do their duty!
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3 May | Brewmaster's Diary

A project that continues to grow

When we were asked to condense the principles and criteria that have guided the building of the brewery into one post, we had to stop.
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