Marechiaro, now available in 5lt kegs!

Marechiaro, now available in 5lt kegs!

Marechiaro 5 lt keg

Our flagship product, in Italy an worldwide, is now available in a brand new format.

Born as the perfect pairing with the real Neapolitan Pizza, Birra Antoniana Marechiaro is a crisp blond lager with a nice malty body, that perfecly sustains the floral and herbal aromas of hops.


We decided to brew this specialty because we wanted an easy to drink beer with a special touch, in this case the aromatic touch of hops, which makes this beer perfect for tasty mediterranean food, especially pizza. Oof course one can savour a nice pizza alone, but most of time ther's nothing better than bring friends at home to share beer and pizza togheter. 


There's why we came up with this new 5lt keg, ideal for sharing a good beer with friends and make every moment special. 

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