Birra Antoniana goes to United States!

Birra Antoniana goes to United States!

A little step for a man, a big step for Birra Antoniana: We are proud to announce the launch of our beers in US!

Challenges and opportunities have always excited us. Since the first Birra Antoniana, bottled in 2012, we have always brewed bearing in mind our cornerstones: the love for the Italian traditions together with the passion for innovation. 

After having launched our beer in Italy, which in four years has achieved a place in beer lovers’ heart, we are ready to bring a bit of Italian craftsmanship in United States, from farm to table. 

In fact, Birrificio Antoniano directly cultivate nearly 250 acres of barley in Northern Italy, which is a fundamental ingredient in every beer. In this way, we keep our Italian roots, not only by sticking in every aspect of the production to our values, but also employing the fruits of our land. 

We will introduce four references of our range, starting from our flagship Birra Antoniana Marechiaro, a crisp Italian lager, Birra Antoniana Pasubio, a hoppy session lager, Birra Antoniana Altinate, a dry hopped lager and Birra Antoniana Vienna Style

For this occasion, we are preparing something special… stay tuned and soon you’ll hear from us! 

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