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Marechiaro 5 lt keg

Marechiaro, now available in 5lt kegs!

Our flagship product, in Italy an worldwide, is now available in a brand new format.
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Slow Brewing: not just a seal of quality

Quality of raw materials and time are the base of each Birra Antoniana and common values shared with Slow Food.
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International Beer Challenge Birra antoniana

Birra Antoniana shines at the International Beer Challenge 2017

The International Beer Challenge is the competition that rewards brewery excellences from all over the world.
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Birra Antoniana goes to United States!

A little step for a man, a big step for Birra Antoniana: We are proud to announce the launch of our beers in US!
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Birra Antoniana becomes BRC certified!

It stands for quality, security and high standards: the BRC - British Retail Consortium, it’s a prestigious certification and Birrificio Antoniano nailed it!
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Birra Antoniana London Calling

What happens when an english beerlover meet Birra Antoniana Stile Vienna? See with your own eyes.
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