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Slow Brewing Committee at Birrificio Antoniano

The 9th Slow Brewing committee was held on April 28th for the first time in an Italian Brewery, namely Birrificio Antoniano: Michele Vecchiato, co founder of the brewery, after having closed the works of the conference, expressed its delight for having hosted such an important international event for the quality standard in the brewing process.
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TedX and Birra Antoniana: togheter for the innovation

Why Birra Antoniana endorse this initiative? Because, beside of being an exciting environment, it shares with TedX values and mission: since the very first days of activity, Birrificio Antoniano has been motivated by faith and confidence in new ideas, capable of bringing innovation and creativity.
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Birra Antoniana with the buskers!!

At Padua, from 4th to 7th June, there will be the first edition of Padova Street Show. During this weekend the central streets of the town will welcome buskers and circus artists from all over the world. Antonio Carnemolla is the art director of the Festival and he promises to make smile a entire city!
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Birra Antoniana restructure the Appiani Stadium

Today Monday 9th February begins the renovation of Appiani Stadium with the sponsorship of Birra Antoniana. The brewery allocated 150.000€ to retrain the West Tribune. A new collaboration between corporate and public administration to return a symbol of Padua. Birra Antoniana will cover the cost of executive desing, construction supervisoring, safety coordination, purchasing materials.
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Birra Antoniana at “Fiera del Soco” 2014

"For centuries this fair confirms that the better way to the future pass through the land and its roots" so says Lorenzo Dainese President of "Antica Fiera del Soto". A perfect coincidence of view between the fair and Birra Antoniana.
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First Padova's Long Cycling Race: Birra Antoniana cycles with you!

29th June 2014 is an important day for the history of cycling in Padova: there will be the First Padova's Long Cycling Race organized by the sport club "Società Ciclisti Padovani". For all partecipants a refreshing surprise...
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