We are the Digital Beer for #DM17

We are the Digital Beer for #DM17


The DIGITALmeet is a series of meetings and events linked to the world of digital, ITC and web.

For four days, some Italian cities will host several events with the aim of spreading the digital culture finally close to anyone: the digital that make our life easier, which helps small and medium business growing, which contributes to build a new economy. 

It is one of the biggest Italian festivals that aim to educate citizens and enterprises about the importance of the digital.

Our city, Padua, is one of the cities involved in this program: for this we decided as a visionary brewery to take part in this project by creating a beer for this occasion, which will be ready by the begging of the festival. 

In the meanwhile, we asked to the “online community” to choose between two labels the one that will be the official label of the #DM17. 

Can’t wait  for the result and for opening the first “Digital Beer”. 

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