Our first 5 years together!

Our first 5 years together!

Thanks to our customers, collaborators, suppliers and friends that until now have supported us!

It was June 2013 when the first Antoniana Vienna Style Beer was brewed, a recipe that fully reflected the motto of the Brewery of the time, that is "Feet in the past, head in the future". This typically Austrian beer style was very successful in Italy in the 19th century thanks to Austrian domination. Birrificio Antoniano had the idea of ​​relaunching the style making it, at least for the first time, its own uniform.


The range, however, did not take long to expand, ranging from many different styles: from the Italian lager Birra Antoniana Altinate to the hoppy Pilsner Pasubio; from the Christmas Eremitani Strong Ale to Portello, the Golden Ale with spicy hints. Today there are three beer ranges, Classic, Heritage and Craft; In common they have the gustative balance, which is the  distinctive element of Antoniana's productions.

But the eye also wants its part. So we carefully designed our packaging that played an important role in Italy but also abroad, where the presence of Birra Antoniana is intensifying, covering today several markets, from Japan to Russia passing through Argentina, Brazil , Uruguay, Usa, many European countries, Ukraine, Israel, Kazakhstan, China and South Korea.

Thanks to its strategic participation in many international fairs and events, Birra Antoniana is spreading. This has been possible also thanks to important recognition, first of all the "European Brewer of the Year 2017" at the International Beer Challenge in London.

Let's make a toast to our customers, collaborators, suppliers and friends of the Paduan agricultural brewery!

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