Birra Antoniana: an Italian excellence

Birra Antoniana: an Italian excellence

100 eccellenze italiane

On the 30th of November Birra Antoniana received the prize for being one of the "100 Italian excellences" of the year 2017

During the event, held in Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, it has been presented the prestigius volume, in which people and firms that have achieved important results during the year 2017 are mentioned. Among those histories of success, there is also Birra Antoniana. 

For the 3rd year, Riccardo dell'Anna tells the Italian excellences throught this exclusive book, celebrating those brands that keep high the name of "Made in Italy" in Italy and worldwide. This has been a great year for Birrificio Antoniano: we started exporting overseas, especially in Japan and US but we have also won the trophy as European Brewer of the Year. 

"Being one of the 100 excellences it is not an end point but rather a mid-point, which means we are going in the right direction" These are the words spoken by Michele and Sandro Vecchiato, founders of the brewery after having received the prize. 

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