Slow Brewing Committee at Birrificio Antoniano

Slow Brewing Committee at Birrificio Antoniano

The 9th Slow Brewing committee was held on April 28th for the first time in an Italian Brewery, namely Birrificio Antoniano.

Michele Vecchiato, co founder of the brewery, after having closed the works of the conference, expressed its delight for having hosted such an important international event for the quality standard in the brewing process.

Time and quality of raw materials have been the main focus of the committee, during which the brewery and the Slow Brewing Association had the occasion to confirm their shared values and principles, which hold them together since 2013. 

The press conference that opened the 9th Committee saw the participation of trade journalists and has been an important opportunity to discuss with some of the most influential and experienced expert of the brewery sector about the concept of quality brewery art. 

A concept that goes beyond the mere organoleptic properties, but involves the whole process, from the wheat seeds to the bottling line and kegging. 

 “For us it’s a real honour to host this committee, but is far more important of being part of this Association, Slow Brewing, which is the daily confirmation of high qualitative standard met by Birra Antoniana”.     


Tullio Zangrando, Slow Brewing Honorary President, lived in first person the evolution of the market and during the conference confirmed the primary role of the “time” in the brewery process. From his strong expertise matured over years of work, he considers time as important as the quality of raw material, two major variables responsible of the distinctiveness of taste pursued by the Slow Brewing Association. 
For a brewery, achieving the Quality Seal by Slow brewing means in fact meeting the strict criteria and checks by the association: for this reason at the moment in Italy there are only two that satisfy Slow Brewing requirements. 

Slow Brewing born in 2011 in Munich from an idea of a group of friend, sharing their studies at the Technical University of Munich. 
At this purpose August Gresser, founder of the association says, “We wanted to create an organisation with a view to guaranteeing superior quality in every beer. Today we are present in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, but we hope for a continuous growth.  

Today, as the president Theilaker recalls, the association include 26 independents breweries concentrated mostly in the German-speaking area, for a total of 86 shareholders, of which 32 took part to the Annual Committee.  

Luciano Masocco, Master Brewer and head of production of Birrificio Antoniano highlighted the primary role of a cohesive and professional team for achieving a perfect pint, as well as the value of “learning by doing”, slow but steady learning process, which requires time and commitment and special procedures that can’t be guaranteed up-front through certifications. 

Two rich days, packed with ideas and inspirations, but also comparison among international master brewers, which gave a glimpse of the need of the brewery market, which today awards the value of quality besides the price leverage. 

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