About us

About us

Sandro Vecchiato e Michele Vecchiato
Founders and General Managers of the Birrificio Antoniano

Padova is our town, where we were born, the cultural and professional environment where we have been raised. Building a farmer brewery in Padua meets our life's goal: the agricultural brew of our city.

What is Birrificio Antoniano's wildest dream?
Writing a small piece of Italian brewing's history.

Luciano Masocco
Brewer and Production Manager

How did you get into the world of brewing?
In 1975, first year of the brewers and malters school in Feltre and I've never quitted brewing ever since.
The worst defect a beer can have?
If you drink one and you don't want to have another!

Simone Uriani
Packing Department Manager

The best part of my job?
Seeing the naked bottle coming on the conveyor belt of the bottling machine and seeing it afterwards coming out some seconds later, covered with a nice label, filled with great beer.

Alberto Pierobon
Administration office

The worst part of my job?
Beer losses during production... It is such a shame to waste even a single drop of this nectar!
Three pillars of Birrificio Antoniano?
Luciano, Eva and Simone.

Stefano Zatti
Graphic Designer

What do you deal with, daily?
I usually spend most of my time picturing Birra Antoniana... It has a lot to tell, and I have to turn this into images.
The best part of my job?
Living the birth of a label like the birth of a beer: it needs all the right ingredients, which need to ripen at the right time.

Enrico Pinton
Brand Manager

The best part of my job?
Listen... Listen the consumers talking about Birra Antoniana and make sure that the information I get become a precius resources for the company..
The worst part?
Entering a pub and seeing that Birra Antoniana is not yet on the menu or, even worse, when somebody asks me what Birra Antoniana is. That means that my job is just getting started...

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