Where are we?


15 May | Brewmaster's Diary

Where are we?


After laying the tiles, both on the floor and on the walls, after the installation of electrical panels with relative lines requested by each machine, after the verification of the functionality channels and drains with water, we can say that we are at good point.

The brew house is not still finished: it lacks the connection to the utilities, sterile compressed air, steam, hot water and cold water. The tanks have been all positioned, as well as the three scrubbers dedicated respectively to the pipes of the must, the centrifuge, the pipes and tanks in the area with yeast and filling bottles, and beer barrels and tanks clarified.

These days the area dedicated to the storage malt is "lighting up” thanks to the work of electricians who are positioning the lamps in the various departments and work environments; cold rooms for yeast and hops are waiting for their refrigerator and plumbers finished  to install the appropriate settings for the sinks and equipment manufacturing. Even the cooling circuit of the different tanks is complete, lacking only the insulation of pipes that is about to be launched.

And even if, at the tail of everything else, and perhaps less "enjoyable " to those who must install it, we have a wastewater treatment plant, sludge plant, which  aim to purify everything that comes from our brewery in terms of the process water. Appointment to the next week, maybe with some new pictures that will give you a better idea of how our brewery is growing.

Luciano Masocco


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