The story of a dream


3 May | Brewmaster's Diary

The story of a dream


Today is an important moment for the story: let’s begin to tell it.

It is the moment when, for the first time, we truly realize that our dream can come true, that it is real and, that, with a mixture of pride and trepidation, we can begin to communicate it to the outside world. So, here we are, to tell the story, nurtured by our father, Luigi, and nearly half a century: We dream of creating a beer in Padua for Padua.

This dream became an idea, a strategy and an enterprise that took shape in the “Antoniana Beer project.” We want to share this project with you. It first saw the light in 2011 and it continues to grow today. We tell about it in this blog, which will be one of the many outlets to the world that Antoniana Beer will use to communicate. First of all, the blog will be a diary for our brewers, who, step by step, will recount the progress of the project and the brewery.

What do we want?

Create an artisanal beer from Padua, with excellence for all.

We want to distil the passion of a lifetime into a unique beer and give back to a place that has given a great deal to us. Over the years, we have witnessed the growing enthusiasm and passion of Italian consumers for artisanal beers and we are convinced that we too can make our mark in this arena. With Antoniana Beer we would like to contribute to the construction of a uniquely Italian style of beer, recognizably different from “iconic” beers.

Where do we come from?

From a name that is a choice of territory. One beer, one territory: Antoniana Beer is the beer of the City of the Saint without a name, or rather Saint Anthony. .A Saint that profoundly marked the history of the city.

From the choice of   a farm brewery  that cultivates its own land, born of values, skills and traditions that are deeply rooted in our soil.

From craftsmanship,that, for us, stems from the constant presence of the brewer throughout the whole brewing process, patiently waiting for the birth and maturation of a living product that grows at its own pace.

Based on knowledge, study and experimentation  we have chosen raw materials that are authentically “local.”

From the competence of Italian brewers who, after working abroad, have decided to produce something new and excellent in Italy and for the world

But it is common knowledge that dreams become personified and Antoniana Beer is no exception. It is made, above all, by people -- with hearts, souls and brains.

But that is another story…

Sandro e Michele Vecchiato

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