A project that continues to grow


3 May | Brewmaster's Diary

A project that continues to grow


The components of the brewery have been chosen to combine  flexibility with tecnological solidity : We want to be able to produce different types of beer with a guarantee of accurate control of the parameters of the process, so that the work is facilitated as much as possible. This is why we have planned a fully automated brewing room.

The  rational construction of the brewery and its equipment  makes it possible to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness while keeping energy waste to a minimum.

We have paid great attention to al  raw materials and the product   throughout the entire process: a principle that has imposed the instalment of a refrigerated unit for the storage of hops and the decision to not pasteurize and the use of a centrifuge rather than a filter.

As a rule, we have tried to create optimal conditions for  constant quality of product and process   to guarantee safety, as well as wholesome and pleasant surroundings for brewery personnel and any visitors.

Today, these principles are being tested against reality and we cannot wait to apply them when we begin to handle sacks of hops…

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