Our first sowing…


15 May | Brewmaster's Diary

Our first sowing…


It seemed almost impossible… days and days of rain soaked the soil in water with the risk of a very difficult burying of the seeds.

When  we had almost resigned ourselves to postpone everything to the next spring, three unexpected days of sunshine allowed us to proceed to the first sowing of 80 hectares of fields that will produce a special barley that will give a unique flavor to our beer.

It is a rich clayey  soil, torn from the waters of the lagoon of Marano in the early fifties, set within an oasis of wildlife that preserves its natural charm, away from any source of pollution or contamination.

During this autumn our agronomist has constantly monitored the work of land preparation, necessary to  make it ideal for the barley seed, and has selected the most promising varieties for malting.

For this first sowing it was decided to use, in most of the plot, the variety of barley, "Scarlett." A variety already well-known in our country, that has demonstrated excellent yields especially in southern Italy. In addition to this settled variety, we decided, on the recommendation of our agronomist,  to try a little experiment using the variety "Grace."

This new variety has shown excellent results in continental European countries: it was worthwhile a try even here in Southern Europe.

Seeding operations were completed successfully and we really hope that the heavy rains of recent days have not compromised our small seeds.

Waiting to show you the first buds, we accompany you to a virtual visit of the land just sown ...

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