The first news of 2013


15 May | Brewmaster's Diary

The first news of 2013


 will turn a bit of Birra Antoniana.

The hourly capacity with water, according to tests carried out in recent days, comes to 40-50hl / h. With the beer to be clarified, however, the capacity will reach 15-20hl / h depending also on the amount of yeast present in the beer after ripening.

The purpose of the centrifuge or "centrifugal separator" is, in fact, to clarify the beer, by eliminating the yeast present in it.

The machine runs at a speed of about 9600 revolutions per minute, the beer flows into the drum through a feeding tube and is accelerated into the distributor until it reaches the drum’s speed (9600 turns / m). From here, it is conveyed to the column disks where clarification occurs. The clarified beer returns along the disks column to the upper chamber of the drum, from where a centrifugal pump directs it to the exit, under a 6 bar pressure. A system of mechanical seals prevents the oxidation of the product: through the sight glasses, it is possible to verify the degree of clarification, while increasing or decreasing the discharges, depending on the result to be obtained.

The separated solids are collected at the "periphery" of the drum, and from here they are periodically expelled through drains or, in the brewer jargon, "shots" that can be set by the user depending on the beer to be processed and the result you want to obtain.

Although technically very simple, the plate you see in the picture, one of the six present in the brewery, it is essential to let the beer circulate in the pipes, as well cleaning solutions, water and all other things  useful to the production process, such as C02 , sterile air or steam.

The purpose of the plates is to make the distribution of the solutions or the product in the different points of the brewery easier, limiting to the indispensable the use of rubber hoses and facilitating the connections for large distances.

As you can see, as for now,  the various pipes have not yet been identified in a befitting way, but at the end of the set up, it will be easy to understand the destination of each tube thanks to the application of appropriate labels on the pipes and on the valves of the plate.

Luciano Masocco


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