Marechiaro and Pizza


17 Jul | Antoniana's recipes

Marechiaro and Pizza

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The “Pizza Verace Napoletana” Association has drawn up an International Disciplinary Board to regulate and thus defend the tradition of the True Neapolitan Pizza in order to preserve its distinctive features and traits.

But how to distinguish the true Neapolitan Pizza from the others? The AVPN tells us that:

  • The Neapolitan pizza is round, with a diameter of about 30-35cm;
  • The Neapolitan pizza presents a raised rim (the famous “cornice”), swollen and not burned;
  • The Neapolitan pizza must be soft and elastic.

The ingredients, per 1 liter of water, are: 50-55 grams of salt, 3gr of yeast and 1.8 kg of flour 00 or 0.

The procedure consists of mixing  flour, water, salt and yeast together, then pouring  1 liter into the mixer and dissolving a quantity of sea salt between 50 and 55g. The next step is to add 10% of the total quantity of flour provided by the recipe and 3 g of yeast. Once the kneader is started, you have to gradually add the rest of the flour (W 220-380) until the compound reaches the desired consistency, defined as “pasta point”.  This operation must last 10 minutes.

The mixture should then be processed in the mixer for 20 minutes at low speed.

After allowing it to rise for 2 hours, pasta buns have to be formed each weighted more or less  180-250gr. The leavening should then continue for 6 hours at 25 ° C. At the end of the leavening, you have to lay the pizza with your hands from the center out, without using of the rolling pin-which is not allowed.

The true Neapolitan Pizza should preferably be stuffed exclusively with ingredients from Campania. The use of olive oil and mozzarella or stracciatella PDO should be mandatory.

The cooking is done in a firewood oven heated at a temperature of 430°-480 °: at these temperatures the pizza takes from 60 to 90 seconds to cook.

If accompanied by Birra Antoniana Marechiaro, it is immediately love at first… pizza!

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