Beer battered vegetables with Birra Antoniana "La Veneta"


15 Jun | Antoniana's recipes

Beer battered vegetables with Birra Antoniana "La Veneta"

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Beer to drink, beer to eat! Here is one of many recipes by Chef Anna Maria Pellegrino, who creatively uses beer to prepare genuine and tasty dishes!


Ingredients for 4 people: 

  • 100 gr. corn flour
  • 100 gr. di flour 00
  • 100 gr. mineral water (fresh)
  • 100 gr. Birra Antoniana La Veneta (fresh)
  • 1 albumen
  • sunflower oil 
  • 500 g cut vegetables
  • broccoli and cauliflowers 
  • artichokes
  • chicory


In a bowl, pour the 00 flour (sifted twice) with the corn flour and a pinch of salt. Add water and beer and mix with a whip, until you get a compound with no clumps. 

Cover with a plastic wrap and leave at rest for 20’.

Wash, peel and cut vegetables into strips.Then boil them for 5' in hot salty water. 

In a pan, heat up the oil to 170°.

Beat the albumen until stiff and add it to the batter.

Dive the vegetables into the batter and immediately fry them until they reach the right browning (NB: fry a few vegetables at a time, to avoid lowering the oil temperature). 

Drain the excess oil and serve with a glass of Birra Antoniana La Veneta!!


You can follow Anna Maria Pellegrino and her recipes in her blog

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