Autumn recipe


15 Jun | Antoniana's recipes

Autumn recipe


It is said that the combination of food and beer can follow the criterion of concordance or contrast.We can certainly say that the combination between our autumn soup (of which below) and our Birra Antoniana Portello follows the concordance criterion: they perfectly fit each other with their soft and warm aromas. 

Mix a marine pumpkin from Chioggia, red lentils, carrots, some parsley and, for the most transgressive,a pinch of curry: you will get a sweet and little bit spicy pureed soup. It gets along well with coriander, carnation and juniper aromas of Birra Antoniana Portello, that exalt and enhance the sweet taste of the pumpkin and carrots as well as the rustic taste of lentils. 


Ingredients for 2 people:

Marine pumpkin from Chioggia250 gr 

Medium carrots 2 

Red lentils 50 gr 

Parsley 50 gr 

Curry q.s.

Oil q.s.

Salt and pepper q.s.


Put the pumpkin, the carrots and the lentils all together in a pot and cook them for half an hour with some salted water (about half the amount of vegetables). Then blend all and finally serve warm with some parsley and curry. It is perfect if accompanied with slices of homemade bread and our Birra Antoniana Portello! 

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