20 Jun | Ricette antoniane

Mussels and cherry tomatoes with Birra Antoniana ai Tadi

public://cozze e birra bianca.jpg
Here is another Birra Antoniana recipe: Anna Maria Pellegrino offers her version of a simple and quick dish, rich in iron and very tasty!
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26 May | Ricette antoniane

Beer battered vegetables with Birra Antoniana "La Veneta Km0"

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Beer to drink, beer to eat! Here is one of many recipes by Chef Anna Maria Pellegrino, who creatively uses beer to prepare tasty and genuine dishes!
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24 May | Ricette antoniane

Chicken Curry and Birra Antoniana Portello

This week we suggest a special food that creates a sort of "fusion" with Birra Antoniana Portello: chicken curry. You will experience a back and forth trip to India!
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16 May | Ricette antoniane

Autumn recipe

In Autumn the pumpkin is the Queen of vegetables: with its sweet flavor it manages to give an unique touch to every dish. Its sweetness perfectly fits with the original aroma of our Birra Antoniana Portello.
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16 May | Ricette antoniane

Lupine hummus and Birra Antoniana Borgo della Paglia

Wedding of the month: Lupine hummus by the Peruvian Andes and Birra Antoniana Borgo della Paglia
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16 May | Ricette antoniane

"Napule" Spaghetti with Birra Antoniana Marechiaro

Our newborn Birra Antoniana Marechiaro has already made many chefs fall in love with her. Among them there is Giovanni Gallo, chef and owner of the "Il Pescatore"restaurant (Casoria, NA). Today he wants to show us his new recipe "Spaghetti Napule with Birra Antoniana Marechiaro".
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16 May | Ricette antoniane

Fish fry and Birra Antoniana Pasubio

public://foto fritto.jpg
Sea or mountain? It's always a difficult choice. Our today recipe reveals, however, that this is not a problem when it comes to cooking, since these such different locations learn to live toghether in the kitchen...with taste!
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12 May | Ricette antoniane

Perfect pairing for Altinate?

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Now we answer a question of many: which is the best food to mach with Altinate beer?
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21 Feb | Cultura della birra

The True Neapolitan Pizza Association chooses Birra Antoniana Marechiaro

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Birra Antoniana Marechiaro renew the bond with “The true Neapolitan Pizza Association”.
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29 Jul | Il diario del birraio

Yeast-hunting 2

Finally, in the break between a boiled must and the other, we managed to complete the first experiment with selected yeasts from the samples of flowers and wild fruits. They come from the paduan country and they were taken last fall.
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2 Jul | Il diario del birraio

02.07.2013 we fill the beer kegs!

Today the first 350 beer kegs of Birra Antoniana are being filled by our filling kegs that seems to respond well to our expectations...
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15 May | Il diario del birraio

The first news of 2013

The New Year has come and some progresses have been done, we present today the centrifuge that in a short time ...
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