Birra Antoniana Portello

Birra Antoniana Portello

Data sheet
Birra Antoniana Portello

Golden Ale

Alcohol content
5,2% vol

33cl - 75cl - keg


Top Fermented

Golden amber

Cookie, coriander, bitter orange, cloves, white flowers

What it's like
Simple and well-balanced Golden Ale. It smells of coriander and bitter orange with caramel and cloves nuances. Warmed and spicy, it's hard to forget it.

Serving Temperature
Between 5° and 7°

Recommended glass
bicchiere consigliato per la Birra Antoniana

How to pour
Wet the glass with water.
Pour the beer with one clean motion by pouring it down the side of the glass to form a rich head. (1)
Finally, top up the glass and pour the remaining beer in a more delicate way. (2)

come versare la Birra Antoniana

In the kitchen...

This week we suggest a special food that creates a sort of "fusion" with Birra Antoniana Portello: chicken curry. You will experience a back and forth trip to India!
In Autumn the pumpkin is the Queen of vegetables: with its sweet flavor it manages to give an unique touch to every dish. Its sweetness perfectly fits with the original aroma of our Birra Antoniana Portello.


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