Birra Antoniana Altinate

Birra Antoniana Altinate

Italian Pale Lager
Data sheet
Birra Antoniana Altinate

Italian Pale Lager

Alcohol Content
5,2% vol

Bottom fermented

Deep gold

hoppy, citrus, notes of mango and grapefruit

What it's like
Altinate is a low fermentation, deep colored beer. Its fine and compact foam accompanies the drinker right 'till the end of the glass. Altinate's intense notes make it perfect alongside fish dishes and not to mention alongside vegetable soup, pork, bacon cheeseburger, sushi and sashimi.

Serving Temperature
Between 4°C and 5°C

Drink before
12 mesi

Recomended glass
bicchiere consigliato per la Birra Antoniana

How to pour
Wet the glass with water.
Pour the beer with one clean motion by pouring it down the side of the glass to form a rich head. . (1) Finally, top up the glass and pour the remaining beer in a more delicate way. (2)

come versare la Birra Antoniana

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Birra Antoniana goes to United States!

A little step for a man, a big step for Birra Antoniana: We are proud to announce the launch of our beers in US!
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20 Jun | Ricette antoniane

Mussels and cherry tomatoes with Birra Antoniana ai Tadi

public://cozze e birra bianca.jpg
Here is another Birra Antoniana recipe: Anna Maria Pellegrino offers her version of a simple and quick dish, rich in iron and very tasty!
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